The team at all followed their own personal path which brought them on their own Lightworker path. After making every mistake possible, we came together to provide advice for others who find themself on this path.

Our advice on the Lightworking journey is based on our own spiritual path and the teachings of others. Not everyone is going to experience the path in the same way and we’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible.

We share as much advice as we can either here on Lightworking or on our YouTube channel.


Jen has been following the path for over 5 years now. With a keen interest in Yoga and meditation, she found that she was more able than most to connect with those around her while actively practicing.

Her path to connecting with others led her to her healer lightworker path. She now actively shares her experiences and journey on YouTube to help others.


Jack was more interested in manifestation and the Law of attraction. He found himself able to manifest real physical change in the lives of those around him and that led him to his transmuter Lightworker path.

He writes about his journey and talks to other people sharing their experiences.