How to Become a Lightworker

If you feel the urge to learn how to become a Lightworker then you probably feel the pull for… something greater.

You know deep down that there’s something you need to do and it goes beyond the day-to-day grind. You feel a call to do important work. Or, perhaps, someone just sent you this link and it’s a complete coincidence that brought you here.

The reality is nobody can become a Lightworker that wasn’t born to it but if you feel this pull it’s likely you are one and just need some help to unlock your destiny and remove blocks from your path.

Are You Already a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are high vibrational, high-energy beings who serve individuals and humanity as a whole. They’re incredibly rare and gifted and there are different types of Lightworkers that serve different roles.

The role of a Lightworker isn’t always easy. They take on burdens most would shy away from. If this isn’t for you and you’d like to continue your life in peace and quiet I suggest turning back now.

Once you awaken to find out who you are, it’s pretty tough to put it ‘back in the box’.

But if you feel that calling and you think you’re ready to define your Lightworking skills and further the world (and yourself) then let’s help you get started.

Steps to Become a Lightworker

Step #1: Understanding

The first thing to do is understand as much of the journey as you can. There’s lots of misinformation, misunderstandings and assumptions made about what the Lightworker path is and isn’t.

To make this as easy as I can – I’ve put together the Lightworker test which gives you insight into what kind of Lightworker you are and where your path ahead lies. From there I can best guide you onward.

Taking the test will help us focus specifically on you and I offer guidance and advice based on your divine mission but you can also read my other guides here on the site. The more you understand, the easier you’ll find the transition.

Step #2: Overcome Fear

One of the first things that hold Lightworkers back, in the beginning, is fear. Fear of being judged by others around them, the people they care about or society in general.

I can tell you two things.

Firstly you have nothing to fear. This fear is a common block that every Lightworker has to overcome. Lightworkers by their very nature are accepted, especially once they accept themselves and the path they’re on.

But lightworkers are here for everyone, not just the ones they like. They’re here to light up the world and make life better for all of us. The scale of this is tougher to understand until you truly see it but lightworkers light the way. They hold the torch for humanity. The ones they care about and love will naturally follow and join them on their journey forward and those who oppose lightworkers… well, Lightworkers change people’s hearts too.

Don’t be afraid of others’ reactions but instead expect the best from them because lightworkers light up everyone’s lives around them.

Step #3: Overcome Doubt

Lightworker Doubt

Lightworkers by their very nature often doubt their own higher gifts. They often see themselves as average or feel stuck in life. Even the more experienced ones sometimes question themselves – despite what they’ve seen. They’re still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Take a breath. Don’t force yourself into anything you’re uncomfortable with but if you truly feel that pull then just take the first step.

Your doubt will melt away as you progress down the path. The process of becoming a Lightworker isn’t immediate or overnight but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start to see your energy in a whole new light and this doubt will become a thing of the past.

Trust in yourself. You were born to do this. Trust that Lightworkers are real. Trust that you are something special. Know that the rest of the world relies on you to overcome this doubt.

Step #4: Further Your Path

The lightworker path isn’t the easiest to walk but we start it just like you’d start any other path.

With that first step. Followed by the next. One foot in front of the other. Once you begin your work to becoming a Lightworker (or accepting yourself as one) you’ll quickly pick up momentum.

But nobody else can take that first step for you.

The path isn’t always easy. Lightworkers put themselves under stress and strain in the pursuit of helping others. Sometimes even when it isn’t in their own best interests. But lightworkers are often very aware of this. They turn it around and do the opposite by looking after themselves too.

The lightworker path won’t suddenly make you rich or successful overnight but following your Lightworking work will open up opportunities – even if those opportunities take time to appear.

What Happens When You Become a Lightworker?

Your Power Develops

Lightworker power

Once you start down this path, lightworker abilities start to develop. This can happen either slowly or quickly depending on you and your lightworker journey. But it does happen naturally.

Most Lightworkers have already started down their path without even meaning to. Before they’ve ever heard the term Lightworker they’ve been helping people. It’s who they are. It’s how they’re wired.

Becoming a Lightworker just makes this automatic response more mindful. More intentional. More potent.

This is going to manifest in many different ways and you’ll start to notice Lightworker physical appearance signs in yourself.

Lightworkers are naturally empathetic, have incredible energy levels, are clever at solving problems or thinking outside the box, are creative in ways they didn’t know before, their intuition is strong and only grows stronger as their journey develops.

You’ll Feel a Shift

Lightworkers are incredibly connected with those around them, but once they accept who and what they are lightworkers feel a lightness in their soul. A calmness that makes them light and easy to be around.

They’ll find that by accepting themselves more, others will accept them. The energy around an awakened Lightworker is more at peace than one that struggles with their own identity. Subconsciously, others are aware of this shift.

How others react to you will change and how you’ll react to yourself will change. Elements of your path that no longer serve you will fade from your interest and you’ll likely find that you invite new and positive interests into your life.

You Become More Intuitive

Lightworkers don’t often wait for someone to tell them there’s a problem unless they deem it necessary. They’re often aware of the potential for a problem before it even happens.

Lightworkers are the first responders – whether it means reaching out to someone quietly or dropping everything to help someone else in need. The longer you walk this path the more you realize that lightworkers do what needs to be done, even if they don’t want to at the time.

It’s an overwhelming gift at times and lightworkers often feel like they don’t have the capacity to help everyone but they always give it a try anyway.

People Open Up

Despite this deep level of intuition and insight, people will find themselves opening up to you anyway. They might not even notice that they’re doing it. But lightworkers are incredibly good at drawing out people’s stories and lightworkers don’t judge or criticize. They simply listen to understand.

Lightworkers create a space that allows others to be themselves, to just ‘be’ which is something many lightworkers have learned how to do for themselves too. This can be confusing at first when you’re not used to it but quickly becomes par for the course for a Lightworker.