Lightworker Jobs

While Lightworkers certainly do have a divine mission to help humanity, they still have to eat! Luckily you can absolutely combine your career and your mission.

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life and yeah it’s a cliché but for Lightworkers it can be especially true. These careers can be fulfilling for anyone but when they involve helping others it can empower your inner light and enjoyment.

Obviously, there are no rules here. You can do whatever career speaks to you but these are just my suggestions (and those from others I’ve spoken to).

Some of these I can get into the why I think this can be such a good choice, for others I’ll include the list and hopefully, it can bring you some inspiration.

You might want to start by taking the Lightworker quiz so we can narrow down your gifts and divine mission. From there it might make the selection process a little easier.

Yoga Instructor

yoga for lightworkers

Okay, this one probably won’t surprise anyone but I’m such a fan of Yoga that I think I have to start here.

Being a Yoga teacher can be a spiritually enriching experience for anyone and considering the many ways it can heal and enrich there’s just so much versatility here. While furthering your own growth, it can also help bring others health and joy.

Some lightworkers report feeling a spiritual connection to light while teaching Yoga and it can be a powerful lightworker experience.

Relationship Coach

I think this one might be an overlooked career for anyone wanting to help people. As humans, we are designed to seek love and connection but sometimes (more so these days) we could use a little help.

A Lightworker could make the perfect relationship coach because they’re naturally attuned to other’s feelings. Love and light always come from a place of light so lightworkers have a knack for teaching love and bringing people together.

Your clients will feel light and loved all while you help them find their perfect partner, it’s a win-win!

Meditation Teacher (or Meditation Leader)

Meditation for Lightworkers

Similar to teaching Yoga but a little less physical. Meditation isn’t just lightworker centric but it is lightworker led.

There are many benefits to meditation and lightworkers can help bring that light into their classes. Meditation teachers, like Yoga instructors, can be guided by light while helping others meditate.

Reduce stress from modern problems or help further their spiritual path, there is many ways this career can help people.

Nurse and Doctors

This is perhaps one of the more obvious examples, especially for healer Lightworkers.

Caregivers are the lightworker archetype, they care for others and help healers grow. It can be soothing to help ease pain or guide someone’s recovery by light. The ability to help care for (and heal) people suffering is perhaps the quintessential Lightworker career.

Blogger or Writer

This one might surprise some of you but I’m going to use this site as a prime example of this. It’s certainly a more modern-day way of helping people but other than being a fun process, it’s also a way of helping a lot of people at once.

It’s another medium of sharing your experience and teachings with other people on a larger scale and it doesn’t take the experience you might think. Talk about your experiences and offer advice for those seeking answers.

Spiritual Life Coach

No matter what path lightworkers take, in my experience they’re all about positivity and light. Mentoring, coaching and counselling others is a way lightworkers can do just that.

Being able to help someone grow or see light in their lives can be so fulfilling for you as well as the person you help. Helping them to find their way spiritually in this modern day and age can certainly be light work for Lightworkers.

Teacher or Tutor

Lightworkers can make excellent teachers. Whether you want to help people learn intellectually or spiritually, you’re equipped with the patience and empathy to help people learn in a way that suits them.

You have the ability to inspire a thirst for knowledge or light in others and it’s a way of helping people grow that lightworkers excel at.

I can’t possibly break down every option but if that didn’t give you some ideas there’s a whole lot of others (and more I’ve probably missed).

  • Painter or craft creator.
  • Tattoo artist (if this appeals, make sure you check out our Lightworker tattoos).
  • Carer (similar to a doctor or nurse – a good example of providing care to those in need).
  • Crystal healer.
  • Life or business coach.
  • Tantric teacher.
  • Aromatherapist.
  • Art therapist.
  • Herbalist.
  • Masseuse.
  • Musician.
  • Actor or entertainer.
  • Reiki teacher or healer.
  • Non-profit Organiser.
  • Dream interpreter.
  • Feng-Shui Practitioner
  • Numerologist or Tarot reader (especially for some types of Lightworker).