Lightworker Manifestation

The sheer ability of Lightworker manifestation goes far beyond what ‘normal’ people are capable of doing but it also has a very different focus.

Lightworkers are able to not just manifest real change in their own life but also that of those around them. Lightworker manifestation both heals and aligns and allows you to co-create a better future.

Lightworkers are just naturally more adept than most people just because of their very nature but they may also find that the ‘usual’ Law of Attraction techniques just don’t serve them well.

What Is Lightworker Manifestation?

Manifestation (in broad terms) is the ability to create something by aligning yourself with the universe.

For example, it won’t magically make a winning lottery ticket show up in your pocket but if you’re manifesting financial abundance you’ll find yourself in more situations that give you this opportunity.

It’s the active and mindful process of making your desired clear to the universe, aligning your actions with that intention and making sure the obstacles in between you and your goal get the hell out of your way.

Lightworker manifestation is like that… on steroids.

What Can You Manifest?

Basically, anything.

Lightworker Manifestation

You can manifest a person, an adventure, a new calling and (of course) you can manifest real and positive blessings into those around you. As a Lightworker you tend to find that the act of manifesting change in the lives of others will automatically propel your own forward.

Since this is your divine mission to wield light and drive humanity forwards sometimes you don’t even need to know what you want for yourself.

Why Lightworker Manifestation is Different

While most people focus on manifesting superficial things into their life, Lightworkers scratch beyond the surface. Certainly, their own lives can be drastically improved by this practice but that’s rarely their main intent.

Lightworking manifestation is about accepting your divine light, your higher mission and then channeling the sheer power of the universe and its light directly through you.

That light serves as a catalyst for change – purifying, aligning and even transmuting the very world around you. Lightworkers are often catalysts of positive change in the lives of those they connect to, even before you’re ever aware of it.

When you’re a lightworker manifestation is a conduit for your Divine light to flow through and spread outwards.

While you are naturally more attuned and capable, there’s still work to be done in order to reach your full potential.

Honing Your Skills

Before Lightworkers are awakened and truly understand what they are, they’re often aware of how their thoughts seem to affect the reality before them but this can be… limited.

This feeling of drive and fluency with manifestation is often one of the earliest Lightworker signs, especially for anyone who is actively practicing some of the more common manifestation techniques before awakening.

Manifestation is a combination of intuition, mindset and vibration.

Lightworkers are already highly attuned to their intuition, by their very nature they’re a high vibration spirit but the problem is often their mindset. Until they’re able to mindfully wield their ability it’s often limited by their past learning and understanding of the universe and their limits.

The more you start to mindfully practice these skills, the further you’ll exceed them but there is something you’re going to need to do.

Self Healing

There’s an old relationships adage you have to love yourself before someone else can love you. You’ve probably heard many variations of this one idea.

It also applies to Lightworkers. Before we can heal and manifest change for others, we need to look inward and remove our own inner blocks to truly unlock our full potential.

How to Manifest as a Lightworker

Lightworkers are often open to spiritual pursuits before they ever awaken to who they fully are so sometimes they begin with the ‘normal’ techniques like:

  • 55×5
  • Scripting Manifestation
  • Scripting

They’ll likely see better results than most but these techniques are human inventions. Lightworkers can intuitively wield a far more effective power without specific techniques or practices.

But they do need to focus on three things.

If you’re looking to further your own ability, there’s not always a one size fits all approach so taking a few minutes to take the Lightworker test can help us narrow down where your focus should be.

  • They need to fix their mindset. This means genuinely moving beyond past beliefs and understanding their true nature.
  • They need to fully understand their subconscious beliefs and learn to reprogram them.
  • You need to find your resistance, heal your inner blockages and be able to align yourself towards this new future.

This is lightworker manifestation.

While you’ll see better results than most when it comes to changing your own life the true lightworker manifestation power lies in creating change for others. From the small and seemingly insignificant to entirely turning someone else’s life around.

I’ve frequently said that simply having a Lightworker in your life is a blessing. Their presence is often enough to lift us up but when they’re mindfully working to manifest change then you’ll see the real light shine through.