Taking this Lightworker quiz not only helps determine if you are a lightworker but we also focus on what type of lightworker you are. This quiz is completely confidential and I’ll never share your responses with anyone. Be as honest as you can and I’ll help guide you as best as I can.

We have a lot of experience working with Lightworkers and we’ve tried to make this test as accurate as we possibly can.

Take your time with it. Some answers might jump out at you right away while others you might need to think about.

I really wouldn’t suggest you keep taking the test hoping for a specific result. The sooner you’re able to accept the path you’re on the sooner you’ll see how wonderful it really is.

It’s entirely possible the quiz is negative. Not everyone is a Lightworker, they are an incredibly spirit but the fact that you’re spiritually aware enough to even know of their existence is certainly a start. You might be one, take the quiz and we’ll help you figure out your true calling.