Lightworker Tattoos

You can use Lightworker tattoos to help both protect and magnify your innate ability. Depending on the symbol and where the tattoo is you can help amplify your ability to heal others and (just as importantly) protect yourself and your own energy.

There are no set rules on using a tattoo as a Lightworker (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). These are entirely personal choices and shouldn’t be rushed into. I’ve used a few examples for inspiration here but Lightworkers are, if nothing else, highly attuned to their intuition.

Use that intuition and let it guide you here. Do you need a tattoo? Will it aid you on your divine mission? Perhaps having an idea of the area or focus before beginning to look would aid you well.


Perhaps one of the more common (but no less impactful) tattoos are those to help with chakra and energy work. This might be a single specific chakra or the entire set. It’s often used as an aid to visualization.

Protective Energy Tattoos

Tattoos like this can take many different forms and these are just a few examples but protective signs are often used on different parts of the body especially by Guardian Lightworkers.

Specific Affinities

Depending on the type of Lightworker and their affinities to different practices you might find affinities towards spirit animals or types of spiritual work like crystal healing and meditation.

Lightworker tattoos can also be symbols that represent ancient spiritual practices or beliefs from different cultures and religions. We have to be very careful here to not get a tattoo from a religion or culture that might deem it insulting or harmful.

Please remember that when I talk about Lightworker signs this is not what I mean. Consciously or otherwise, people can spot (and gravitate towards) a Lightworker.