Mintakan Lightworker

Are you a Mintakan Lightworker? What does it mean to be one?

A Mintaken Lightworker (also known as a homesick Lightworker) is someone who has incarnated on the planet Mintaka in order to help humanity and Gaia ascend into a higher vibration.

They’re also considered the original Lightworkers. Perhaps without them the Earth would never have had such a blessing. When we talk compare Lightworkers and Starseeds, Starseeds are here to do a mission and leave. They feel this constant pull and urge to return home.

Mintaken Lightworkers don’t have this urge to return home but do still struggle with this homesickness.

The Difference of Mintaken Lightworkers

Most Lightworkers don’t come from another planet like a Starseed or Mintakan. Most of us come from a higher dimension much, much closer to Earth. This means the tug we feel is often towards the divine mission here and now – not towards a distant star.

It makes it much easier to connect to those around us in our life. This is not to say that lightworkers who are Starseeds don’t have a mission here on Earth. Indeed, they’re probably the most desperate of lightworkers in terms of leaving everything behind and finding their way back home because it’s so far away.

However, Mintakans have to deal with this extra tug that most Lightworkers do not. They might be more connected than a Starseed but more disconnected than most Lightworkers.

Without their gift and homesickness, Earth probably wouldn’t be where it currently is and Lightworkers often act selflessly like this.

Are You a Mintaken Lightworker?

The difficult overlap is feeling a pull towards something or somewhere. Before being fully awakened however it might be easy to confuse this pull towards a divine purpose here on Earth as a Lightworker from a closer dimension and a pull towards Mintaka.

Taking the Lightworker quiz can help narrow some things down and there are oracle Tarot that can perhaps give some insight but, in my experience, the only way to truly know is to continue your path of spiritual development.

The further you progress, the more of your true self you’ll understand and you’ll be able to fully discern where this pull is calling you.