Shadow Worker vs Light Worker

I’m often asked about the difference between a shadow worker and a Lightworker but things are rarely that simple or that black and white.

The reality is light work and shadow work are two halves of the same coin. Shadow work is a practice most Lightworkers will use to further themselves.

Terms are often misused so the confusion is understandable but (for your own progress) it would help to understand what these terms really mean.

The Terms

A Lightworker

A lightworker is a high energy and high vibrational spirit that comes from a higher dimension to aid humanity as both individuals and a whole. They are beings capable of wielding light and shaping the world around us for the better.

I’ve covered what Lightworkers are in more detail as well as the different types and we try our best to be a resource to anyone trying to navigate this path.

Light Work

Examples: Reiki, crystal healing and manifestation.

The term ‘light work’ doesn’t necessarily mean the work a Lightworker does. The names are a little confusing but it’s basically an umbrella term for energy work for healing.

Lightworkers are heavily focused on this kind of work and it can take a lot of forms from crystal healing and Reiki to manifestation and Theta Healing. Lightworkers are very adept and highly attuned to this kind of work so there’s always going to be some overlap other than the names.

Shadow Work

Examples: Meditation, past life healing and certain forms of journaling.

Shadow Work is a little different.

It is also an umbrella term used (and misused) in many different fields. In broad strokes, it’s about accepting our true and whole selves. Accepting (and working on) the darker parts of our personality that we might otherwise try and ignore (even though it will undoubtedly leak out).

It’s about aligning your conscious mind with your subconscious mind. Bringing them into one. Deep healing that changes negative patterns and despite the ominous name this might be one of the highest forms of progression.

Anyone can benefit from shadow work. Perhaps Lightworkers more so than anyone. It is lightwork but focused on the shadows rather then light.

A Shadow Worker

I’ve seen this term misused as someone that works against a Lightworker but the commonly used definition of a shadow worker is just someone who actively engages in shadow work.

This might be a Lightworker trying to further their own path or anyone looking to confront their own inner darkness and improve themselves.

A Lightworker can (and very often is) also a shadow worker.

And that’s why it isn’t really about shadow worker vs Lightworker. A Lightworker is a high vibrational being, light work is a process of outer healing and shadow work is a process of inner healing.

Using Them Together

Lightworkers can use both light work and shadow work to heal themselves and others. They both further physical, mental and spiritual growth. They might use energies in different ways but the end result is the same.

And the combination is incredibly potent.

The same way that light balances dark, light work balances shadow work. It’s not either/or but rather both working together.