What Is a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker? What do they do? Are you a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are high vibrational spirits that drive themselves and others around them forward. They serve humanity as a whole and as individuals and, if you’re reading this, you might well be one.

Lightworkers are complicated, misunderstood and incredibly rare.

If you already know what they are and just want to know if you are one – take a few moments to take our Lightworker Test. Not only will we help you figure out if you are, but we can also help you find out what type and how to further your mission.

What Is a Lightworker?

The Lightworker

At their root, they are spirits here to help others. There are several specific types of Lightworker that carry more specific roles.

Protectors who guard us against negative entities. Transmuters who manifest change and wield light like a hammer. Witnesses who travel and watch over humanity while Earthtouch Lightworkers watch over plants and animals.

Healers and Lightkeepers are an endless source of inspiration and a bastion for those in need. Wayshowers and Dreamers help guide people even if they never physically meet. Messenger and Oracle Lightworkers go beyond this and communicate with spirits in other dimensions and then we have the Blueprint Lightworkers who shape the direction of humanity at large.

Not to mention the many overlaps individuals take on.

This is just scratching the surface and the very basics of what a Lightworker is or can become. They are incredibly high-energy beings and lift everyone around them up without even trying so damn is it noticed when they do try. They might well be the sole reason human beings have survived this long.

Lightworkers wield their immense internal light for the benefit of others. That light can be anything from a person’s mood to their health or an entire situation, such as a relationship or work environment.

The term ‘Lightworker’ was first coined back in the 80s but that actual label we use isn’t important. Lightworkers have been among us far longer than we’ve been able to talk about them online.

Ancient civilizations have had their guidance and they’re still here, guiding us forward. By being here in physical form, lightworkers advance the whole of humanity, usually one person at a time but they’re responsible for much grander scales.

They can be hard to spot if they don’t want to be seen. Their intuition gently steers them away from drawing too much-unwanted attention but rest assured they are at work. If you’re paying careful attention you can spot Lightworker signs (either in yourself or others) and these become more obvious the closer they get to awakening and understanding what they are.

What Do Lightworkers Do?

Too much.

Lightworker Saying

If there was one universal answer for what Lightworkers do for others the answer is too much. The path is a complicated one and at the forefront of their mind is almost always their divine mission to further themselves and others.

Having a Lightworker in your life is incredibly rare. Being one is rarer still.

While different types (I’ve linked the guide above if you want to read into them) will have specific overall roles, they’ll all take on the task of improving the lives of those around them (and subsequently their own).

They might heal, they might teach or they might protect from low vibration entities from other dimensions. Heck, they might do all of this at the same time. Lightworkers are here to inspire, motivate and show people the light they carry inside them.

Sometimes they do all of this without knowing it.

Once they awaken to who and what they are their abilities only strengthen from there.

Lightworkers manifest light and they attract light to themselves. They might do it unintentionally but even then they’ve done something no one else can: found light in the darkness and brought it forth anyway.

They do more than humanity will ever be able to fully thank them for.

On top of this, they feel a constant pull. A tug towards something greater than themselves. A drive to go forward and evolve and bring others along for the ride. They’re the light in us all.

Lightworkers do fear but fear isn’t an emotion they fear. Instead, lightworkers’ biggest fears include failing their divine purpose and not being able to fulfill everything they need to.

Are You a Lightworker?

It’s not technically possible to become a Lightworker however if this is starting to feel familiar and something has brought you this far to actually understanding what a Lightworker is – you might be one.

They are incredibly rare and I’ve certainly seen people assume they are one without really seeming to understand what they’re actually claiming to be.

The fact you’re actually here, now means you’re already more likely to be one than 99.99% of the population. You can look for the spiritual signs or physical traits however the most reliable way to really find out if you are a Lightworker is to begin down your path.

Take the test so we can try and narrow down your main role and that way we can also focus on progressing your spiritual path in the right direction (rather than guessing or being vague about it).

What to Do If You’re a Lightworker

Firstly, don’t stress. Take a breath for a moment.

Lightworkers are incredibly rare and they’re here for a reason (and you’re doing the right thing by paying attention to it). The light will guide you. I can’t emphasize enough how much light is in everything and anything around us and how attuned you’ll be to it without knowing it.

If you are a Lightworker then your intuition is going to call most of the shots. The main thing we’ll do is help ease the path along for you, develop your unique gifts and (most certainly) make sure you’re also taking enough time for self-care. Almost every ‘fresh’ Lightworker is notoriously bad at taking care of themselves.

You’re here to light up the world but you need to learn to walk before you can run. Lightworkers need community, guidance and help too.

If you feel like lightworker gifts might be developing inside of you then the best thing to do is take our lightworker test. It will help guide you towards your blueprint so we can unlock the full potential and not just focus on the broader Lightworker tasks.